It’s Friday Again!

It’s Friday and tomorrow I am supposed to go and take the Computerised Unit Trust Exam in Mimos at 3pm. I am done with 5 chapters and there are 2 more to read by tonight, plus some past questions drill…rasa macam nak final exam pulak..haha..but seriously this one is not hard. Unless my brain really goes cranky at 3pm tomorrow there shouldn’t be a reason why I couldn’t pass it..heh!

Fortunately I have attended the tutorial and lecture previously so at least I know what topics should be emphasized on. Anyway, if time permits, tomorrow or Sunday we will go to the medical centre to do the first pregnancy check up. Can’t wait to see the flashing light indicating the beating heart of my precious baby.

Once I get the copy of the scanned ultrasound, I will start the scrapbook for the baby. Yet to take the picture of my no-more flat tummy..heh!

Well, I’m off for Asar prayer and another round of reading. The Syariah-based investments are among the favorite questions so I better hit the book before my brain becomes too tired. Wish me luck! And have a great weekend ahead.


  1. Good luck with flying color…
    Wah awal pregnant ni Farah dah struggle amik unit trust exam. Nnt anak pun terror ni bab investment ni hihihihi…
    Najminyer first scan saya ada simpan, so bila dah besar ni tunjukkan dia rupa dia ms dlm womb. Take care n welcome to mum’s world

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