It’s Raining Again!

As much as I hate to be in a hot sunny day, the gloomy, rainy day makes it worse. Plus PMS always make me want to cry, so it gives a good reason to watch sad movie, TV series with sad moments, or listen to sad old songs. At least it won’t look ridiculous when I suddenly go tearing my eyes blind with no particular reason to sob..ceh!

As of now, I’m waiting for Hubby to come home since I feel really lazy to cook dinner. Plus Hubby will be on leave tomorrow, so I can take my hands off from the cooking utensils as well.


The good part of the day today was when my client likes this bunga dip lily with the additional ribbon. Somehow the initial design is too bare for my eyes, so I thought the ribbon will cheer up the whole bunch. Doesn’t matter if it adds up to the material cost or extra work for me to do the ribbon, what is important is it could help brighten the wedding event.

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