What Do You Want In Life?

I’ve done very minimal productive activities today apart from cooking soto ayam for dinner and supper (Hubby is working UK shift eventhough it’s Thaipusam so that another guy who is Indian could go on leave). But if I do count the buang sampah task and siram pokok while waiting for Hubby to come back for dinner, could be considered quite productive la kan..hehe!

What I did today is mostly reading blogs, my ex schoolmates’ who are currently doing PhD abroad. What does it make me feel? Somehow it struck me that maybe if I take something else, not engineering degree (which I have very little interest in) I would be able to continue my study as well, but then again for what reason I would want to further to master or PhD level? I know even now I could further my study (but self-sponsored of course) but is that what I want in life? What could another certificate make differences to my life – better prospect in career (I work from home anyway..heh), extra money, self satisfaction?

I guess if I ever further studies in the future it would be merely for my self satisfaction – to prove that I am capable of taking another challenge in life. A friend told me that perhaps I should try getting pregnant and have baby because I complained that my life lack excitement and new things to be tried..haha! I’m considering that as well since it might open up a new whole world for me to venture.

In the end, I conclude that it doesn’t matter what others are doing, what matters is to know what you really want in life and you should go where your heart leads you to. I’m still contemplating on what I want in my life this year, deeply thinking!

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