The Cinderella At Home

I am the Cinderella in the house for today, not the one in ball gown and horse carriage, but rather the one with the mop, broom and toilet disinfectant..huhu!

First I clear off the sink from last night dirty plates and frying pans. My all time favorite would be Sunlight Lime (the dark green one) for the dish washer. No, I don’t have the auto dish washer, I wash them manually using my two bare hands..heh! I tried the one with cucumber (Hubby said it’s good for hands) but those dish washing liquid failed to clear up all the oily mess.

Luckily my share of dirty laundry is not piling up so I decided to save my Dynamo and Softlan Ultra for another day of washing task. A reminder to myself, need to buy Dynamo on the next trip to Jusco.

The biggest achievement for me today would be the mopping of my kitchen floor and the stairs..I really hate mopping (at last, I have been planning to mop them for like 3 months..huhu!) I think I only mop like 2-4 times a year..haha! I use Ajax Fabuloso and I love the smell. Due to my lack of maintenance to the kitchen floor, I have to sweep it twice and mop twice..huhu! Perhaps I will be more diligent to mop the kitchen floor once a week from now onwards…(you bet!)

After dinner I decided to brush the toilet and the bathroom floor in our master bedroom. Thanks to Kiwi Kleen and the fact that Hubby has cleaned the bathroom about 1 month ago, it was a breeze. No hard to remove stain unlike my kitchen floor.

So Cinderella task is complete for the week and she will be on leave from Friday to Sunday..heh!


  1. hehe, baru sembang psl ngemas rumah, smlm.. terus smgt kobar2 lah ye?

    hehe, a’ah nama semua serbuk pencuci keluar, mmg bes bau2 haruuummm ni, aku sukaaaa! 😀

  2. mrs.zyi: Serbuk pencuci tu semua brand yg bagus tu..senang nak buat keje..aku beli easy on bang tak berkesan pon (biasa la terpengaruh tgk iklan)…ada gak yg lain tu berkesan tapi bau busuk giler..tu yg saja mention kot2 ada yg mencari2 brand yg bagus utk mencuci rumah..haha!

    zino: tak yah la komisyen, buleh bantu suri2 rumah lain nak beli cap apa yg bagus..

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