Coffee, Anyone?

*This post is written for Caffiene Nation*

How would a coffee lover feel if she or he were given the choice to choose any of these Philips Senseo coffee makers? I could not say because as much as I love to say that I love coffee, for healthy reason I just can’t drink one..huhu! But I know most people do love their fix of caffeine each day.


With this powerful 1450W boiler, you can make 1 or 2 cups of coffee in less than a minute. I would love that because I hate trying hard to make a perfect cup for Hubby every time. Now he has to resort to having the 3-in-1 instant coffee every morning.

Plus with their unique brewing system, you will be guaranteed to get the best taste and aroma in every freshly brewed cup. And not to forget the cup of coffee topped with a rich layer of foam..(I just like to see the smooth foam even though I don’t drink coffee! haha!)

Maybe this coffee maker will help cheer up your rather gloomy morning. A perk up for the first sip till the last drop.


  1. cantik coffee maker tu…..
    coffee made me headache….tp local coffee oklah, sy suka minum kopi keluaran Peladang..cari tempat lain mmg x jumpa ada pun kat Johor tak taulah klu dah merata kopi tu dipasarkan….

    P/s: still jd eBay zombie lg ke? my kid tgh addict tgk cite “Zombie Kg Pisang”

  2. ada beza ke coffee local dgn tak local…heheh..asalkan kopi semua buat sakit kepala..jgn kata minum air kopi, mkn kek, gula2 perasa kopi pon bleh headache..

    sekarang ni dah nak insaf dah dari beli brg kat eBay..sebab duit pon dah makin kurang..tunggu duit masuk sebulan 2 lagi baru membeli pulak..hehe..

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