Red Rose For Wedding


I finally have the chance to meet my Australian client this morning, in fact she woke me up from my morning slumber…huhuhuu..apa punya biz owner la, never thought she will come over to BungaTelur.Com place today, since in her last email she said she might be coming but she did not confirm our appointment.

We have been emailing each other since last year, and this month she came to Malaysia for wedding shopping. Most of the things she has been looking for like hantaran stands, alas dulang, and bunga pahar stands she found at Sayang You and few other wedding accessories shops in Jln TAR, only those hand made items like bunga telur and corsages, she couldn’t find the one up to her taste. When I emailed her the picture of this red and gold bunga telur, she likes the design and today she came over to pay for deposit.

The rest of the amount, we will figure out later on how to pay, whether through Paypal or Western Union. I wish Malaysians are allowed to cash out the money in their Paypal through local banks, rather than US bank account like now. Otherwise we have to resort to having debit card or open a Singapore bank account and Paypal Singapore account in order to do internet transaction and would be able to cash out the funds we have in our Paypal account. NVM, I’ll figure out how to make this works.

I’ve called the supplier for mengkuang cone and placed 600 orders. I guess my work for this year’s events start earlier than I thought. Got to go now..tata!


  1. ada hadiahnya zino, 10 potpouri gantung utk majlis sambut menantu nanti…hehehhe…bleh bagi kat wakil pihak pengantin pompuan yg mkn di meja mkn beradap..ok tak..

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