New Year New Resolution


It’s been almost the end of second week of January and yet my last entry dated on 28Dec06..heheheh…been caught in the new year busy schedule, with my craft class into second class this weekend, product shooting for client, new design for May wedding, family obligation and normal house chores.
Wish I could take one or two days off, but it seems that everyday new venture keeps on popping up and I just hate to miss any one of them. My resolution this year is to keep on learning new things, improving on the old one and get rid of all the useless things, habits, people..hahahha..

Oh, throughout this January, I’ve been watching the Star Wars marathon over and over again..though I miss episode 4 last Sunday, will have to catch up on that next Tuesday..might be going for Entrepreneur course for 5 days so will miss rerun on episode 5 as well…huhuhuhu…

Will update whenever I manage to find time, bye for now..

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