Alas Dulang Biru Firus

I wonder what we call this blue, biru kain sekolah menengah my friend said…hahaha..not too good to be commercialised I’m going to call it as biru firus, too many blue tone to differentiate and named after..well this is what I’ve done with it, trying my hands to do alas dulang, next I’m going to jahit all the labuci and beads, but that only after I buy the thread with the same color…you can’t expect white thread to go with all the blue labuci and beads, though in extreme cases it does not look that weird..

After I’m done with this alas dulang, I’m going to create bunga dulang to go with all the gubahan hantaran..but that will be after I complete all the bunga telur orders..

Thinking about these orders made me regret going to Nilai 3, it was damn hot on Saturday, and despite all the searching I could not find what I want, and the price of all the ribbons and materials for bunga telur there was much much higher than I expected. At least I have satisfy my curiosity by going there, lesson learned, no more trip to Nilai 3 for…hehehe..

Well, that’s it for weekend report. Will type latest update soon. Tata!

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