I am finally able to go online after the agonizing 2 weeks fighting with the Streamyx ppl. I have submitted my letter of complaint to TMpoint Taipan today and subscribed to Maxis 3G. Within 5 hours I was able to go on 3G. The whole postpaid and 3G registration process took less than 30 minutes unlike in TMPoint where I have to spend 1.5 hrs waiting for my turn and another 1 hr at the counter. What a waste of my annual leave day. I wanted to terminate my not-even-one-year Streamyx package but the CSO at Tmpoint still wish to try her best in sorting out my problem. Damn the penalty they want to impose, I truly think all these monopoly business TM has is all crap , sucks big time. So much for their rebranding when all they offer are all same bad service. Wish we Malaysians have better options for broadband. Though my current 3G connection is not fully maximized but at least this is better than the Chipsmore connection I got from Streamyx.

For those who wonder why I have not made any update to this blog, well the above is the reason.

I’m using Sony Ericsson 600i as my modem..can say that’s the most expensive modem I’ve ever used…

oh BTW, I have submitted the letter of resignation to my current company….hahahha…my last day in the company will be on 28 Dec…I just can’t wait to be a homemaker again….muahahahha….

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