Full HD..Cornflakes Cookies

Few things that I have achieved this month:

1. My business has been succesfully registered. Now I’m in the process to do the company stamp, business card and to open current account for the company.

2. I have downloaded the full Season 2 of Enterprise since I always missed watching the series on Astro every Saturday nite.

3. I downloaded the new season 6 of Gilmore Girls. I wonder whether Rory should continue her relationship with Logan, the rich boy who seems to be too carefree and not that matured in life.

4. As the result of mass downloading, my HD is full and I am so lazy to burn everything into CD. Maybe later I will buy DVD burner so that I won’t waste too much time doing housekeeping of my HD content.

5. Today I decided to do kuih raya. My very first choice is Biskut Cornflakes, which I’m not sure will turn out the way it should be. The dough is still in the fridge. Maybe I will bake the cookies after buka puasa, while watching Harry Porter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at Astro 9pm.

6. My heliconia decided to bloom after months of me taking care of them plus all the coaxing. It’s the usual orange heliconia.

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  1. Dear MQ,
    Looks like we have some thing in common, which is the downloading urge thingy..
    Since our childhood, my mom never bake cakes/cookies, we just ordered it & cook ourself various Raya meals, so I’m not sure whether am into cookies baking, never tried one. But I do cook other stuff.. hihi.. wink wink

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