A Frustrating Attempt

I am cracking my head to come out with a profound autobiography essay for admission purpose into MBA programmes. The due date is on 7th September and I only realized about it last week. Everything else – the forms, certificates and exam transcript to be certified, the referee forms all are ready to be submitted. What is still need to be done is the essay.

I’ve been referring to EssayEdge.com for guidance, all the do’s and the dont’s regarding admission essay. It has been very helpful, if only I started writing it last month, but knowing me, always work well under pressure, especially right before the due date.

Researching for this task brings all the memories back in campus into the picture. The piles of books to read, assignments to be completed and exam to be seated. Sometimes I wonder and keep asking myself, if I am ready to go back to student life, be miserable with lectures and tests, oh…. all the agony of final exam which I thought I would not have to go through again and felt immensely relief when I graduated with the Degree. But now why would I choose to go through that path again? Am I doing this for me? Yes, I am. Am I trying to prove to the world that I could do it despite all the discouragement they gave me? Searching deeper into my soul, definitely yes. What would I gain from this MBA? Apart from the academics qualification, the knowledge, the formal lessons. I can be a street smart person, but I do want to be both street smart and book smart.

I’m scared that one day I might regret not doing what I want to do now – furthering my studies. Hubby said I’ve been talking about doing MBA for the past one year. Am I that keen to do it? Maybe I should give it a try, complete my admission essay, submit the application and see whether God will grant my wish. If it is, it is surely the path for me to go through.

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  1. How’s the essay goin’ on?
    I’ve been wanting to further my studies too, it’s just I’m financially incapable in the meantime.
    But I will do it eventually.
    All the best to you! 😉

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