Are You Afraid of The Dark?

It has been more than 2 months since I bought this book. Usually back then in campus, I managed to finish reading such book within 2 nights. Now that I’m married, it took me 2 months, with the rate of 5 pages per day or sometimes not touching the book for the whole week. Sigh….now I wonder if MBA is a great burden for married woman like me. If fictional book like this took me 2 months to finish it, what about those thick text books…I might never even finish them, I guess…But if I dont follow up now with my plan to further studies, I might not even do it at all.

So people, my advice to you is to pursue your goals and dream when you have the guts, time and energy to do them, with less commitment and responsibilities, no mountain is too high to climb.

My next list of reading is a Malay novel, Mahligai by Salina Ibrahim. I have not read a Malay novel for so long, hubby said perhaps this novel will kickstart my writing effort. Will try to write a Cerpen (short story) and send it to women magazine, see whether I still have the talent. It was in 1997 when my short story was published in Jelita magazine. Since I was not paid any honorarium, I stopped writing. Though occasionally when there was any writing contest in campus, I did take part and won. Those RM80, the prize money was really something that time.

My wish…once in a lifetime I want to have at least one novel penned by me. Should I send my manuscript to Alaf21 or Creative Enterprise? My dream, my wish….will I get it one day?

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  1. Sure you can write, it just take more time and effort to be recognized. Sheldon, Steele, Brown, Archer, King, and others didn’t become famous in a day!

    Rome was not built in a day, honey. Keep on trying…!

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