It’s My Lazy Hazy Day

I won’t cook, I won’t clean the dishes, I will not even bother to eat anything until my husband come home from work. What happened to me? It’s simply my hazy lazy day. It must be because of the blackout last night. Spoiled my chance to watch CSI NY. Never mind, I can always download the episode 116 using BitTorrent. God Bless the IT advancement…or was it because of all the stupid dogs which could not stop barking at the old lady who simply wanted to enjoy her morning stroll in front of my house. An interrupted morning sleep made me a mad wife. Or maybe because of the Court Mammoth guy who kept phoning my house number, chasing after a guy named Huzaimi whatnot..who used to use this same Telekom number. Why can’t Telekom give me a “virgin” number? hahah..never mind with all the excuses, I will just enjoy my lazy day, spending hours after hours in front of my PC, chatting with my girl friends, one after another. Had one cup cake and orange juice, chat and chat and chat. Jump from one blog to another, strangers after strangers. 15 minutes before my husband reached home, took my shower and out for dinner. Being a homemaker was never a bad idea!

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  1. Jelesnya..

    Pernah suarakan pada hubby utk jadi fulltime homemaker, tapi disbbkan komitments, terpaksalah kerja…

    Could be fun, though, to be able to spend more time with my son..

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