Saturday Morning

I was never a morning person.

As a teenager who spent years in boarding school, I always wake up just on time to take shower, pray and rush for the compulsory breakfast at 7am in the dining hall. Of course I tried not to be fined as late comer because the Fine prefect was unusually stern and I didn’t want to affect my house marks.

Err..we have strict British-boarding school like rules, I know, some kind like Hogwarts..hah!

And then I entered college life. I tried hard to choose class that doesn’t start as early as 8am although there were certain lecturer and tutor who insist on doing early slot. (They must have been the early, morning person type of people..sigh!)

After college, I was fortunate to get a job that starts at 3pm.

Yes, I know, must be the non local working hours.

The company I got the first job at has several time zone (UK, US, Singapore) and they run 24/7. I should have taken the US time job, more like the graveyard shift, 12am till 9am (but I like to sleep in the morning, how?)

After I resigned from the job and became the full time house wife, I sleep all day. Hubby went to work in the morning and I was still sleeping, because I sleep at 5-6am after watching the Korean cooking channel.

I woke up around 3pm while waiting for Hubby to come home in the evening. Certain days I cook but at times we went out and eat. That time was really a bliss. Thanks Hubby 🙂

And then we got the first baby. He didn’t sleep at night due to his autistic traits and sensory issue (which we have no idea until he got diagnosed 4 years later).

So I wake up when he wakes up, and sleep when he sleeps. Life the first year with a baby was miserable.

5 years later and with the second child, I am becoming a morning person. I’m not sure whether it’s because the aging process or because I yearn so much for ME-time.

There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting at my desk, sipping hot MILO while the whole house is still sleeping.

Like today, I thought I want to sleep in like the children do since it is Saturday morning, but there are many important tasks to do like boiling water, cleaning the dishes in the kitchen sink, folding the laundry or update my blog, heh!

I guess as you grow old, you wouldn’t need as much as sleep as you used to get. Especially when you are a stay at home mom.

Somehow with the birth of every new child, God grant you a super extra power to forgo long hours of sleep, a several nap time in a day and sufficient rest.

Whenever I breastfeed my baby and he falls asleep (he naps like 2 times a day now), if I am so tired at that time, a power nap of 10 minutes would be enough to rejuvenate my energy to last another 5-6 hours or until he sleeps at night.

Amazing isn’t it?

I do hope and pray that I will be granted good health and energy to take care of these two boisterous children. In 10 years time, I hope I would be able to enjoy good morning sleep on Saturday. 🙂

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