Another Birthday Party In The Making

Yes, I’s been a while since I write anything. Well, I am still alive and living life as a mother as usual..heh!

My life is so busy with these two boys. Now that both are teething, yes you read right, my eldest is teething as well. His big boy molar is coming out, gum is swollen and today when he woke up, even his cheek is swollen. He has been crying at night because it was so painful that he couldn’t sleep. Life is tough, son!

In less than a month, we will be having another birthday party in the house. The theme chosen by the birthday boy this year is LEGO. We were not able to celebrate my eldest son 5th birthday last year because I was pregnant with the second one. So this year Mama will make it up to him, with pinata and all. Errr, how do you make pinata by the way? Got to find the materials and try to make one before the real event.

Found this picture of his first birthday party when he turned 3. The theme was CARS. See, the balloons at the wall, a pitiful 3 balloons..hahah! Of course it got better the following year. This year, not sure who will help in pumping the balloons but we already got the supplies from our favorite party shop – Glowing Party House.

I got to call the caterer today to confirm my food order. I really can’t cook for many people this year so I have no choice but to ask around for catered food. Luckily an acquaintance who runs a restaurant (Hatinie’s Kitchen) is willing to cater for our little event. Hopefully it will turn out great.

Will update again especially about the pinata..heh!

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