Review On Set Berpantang Herbanika Nona Roguy

I promise to write a review on the set bersalin that I used for my berpantang period this time.

This is how the whole set of Nona Roguy Herbanika looks like. It doesn’t have much, but I kind of like each item in the set. I find them useful and very convenient.

I also added on the special bengkung from Nona Roguy. Compared to the previous bengkung/binder I used, this one is nicer because it has a separate “tali” on the bottom part, which makes it easier if you need to pee while wearing the bengkung.

Here is some explanation on how to use the items in the set. Picture taken from

I used minyak herbanika during labor and right after I gave birth. It helps soothe the pain. I asked Hubby to rub the herbal oil on my thigh, on my back and around the hip joint. Even in the ward, after the delivery I used it to ease the ache on the back since I have to sit to breastfeed the baby most of the time.

Since this time I didn’t have to undergo episiotomy, I only use the uncang cuci few times during shower. I also used the herbanika lulur whenever I have the extra time to spend in the bathroom.

On days that I couldn’t wear the bengkung, I just rub some of the herbanika barut on my tummy area.

I started to take the phytonatal pills and drink akar herbanika after the baby turned one month old. I am still taking one pill everyday now after meal. It helps to reduce the constipation problem that I usually have during confinement.

Overall, I am happy with the Nona Roguy postnatal set.

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