Counting Days For The End of Confinement

Oh, how I miss going out..not that I’m the type of person who loves to go out everyday, but being confined in a room is certainly tiresome and mentally draining..huhu!

It will be 5 more weeks (more or less) before we can go somewhere. Hopefully by then the weather will be nicer, with no haze like now.

I want to take both my sons to the lakeside, to the big playground that my eldest loves so much. And I want to enjoy picnic by the lake, having KFC chickens with cheezy wedges (minus the cold iced Pepsi).

But for now I have to be happy with having Jacob’s Hi Fibre crackers and Horlicks for supper and tea!


  1. Assalam, MQ
    Tahniah semoga bertambah kebahagiaan & keberkatan dalam rmhtangga kalian berdua.Saya tumpang gembira. Terlalu lama x menyinggah blog awk. Selamat berpantang ….moga Allah SWT melindungi awk sekeluarga.

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