3D Decoupage Class

Last month I went to learn on how to do 3D decoupage from a teacher I knew from Internet. Actually I already know some of the basic technique and even tried to do a simple 3D decoupage before, but since she has some special tools to mould the clay, I thought might as well go and learn from her.

As I am heavily pregnant, I was only able to follow the class for about 3 hours. Those who came from morning, went home almost night time. My main intention for the class is just to get the important techniques and then I will finish the piece at home.

After a few weeks, I managed to complete to top part of the cutlery box. For the rest of the pictures, I used toy clay bought from Yenji. I like the texture of the clay compared to the one used in class. It is a lot more expensive though..huhu!

I will update the whole cutlery box picture once I am able to complete it.

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