Craving For Pasar Malam Food – Roti John

Same as the first pregnancy, I have this tendency to try new recipes at home. I told Hubby that I want to make Roti John at home when we bought groceries at Tesco last night. It turned out that the recipe is quite simple.

You just have to fry the minced chicken or beef with some onion, garlic, ginger and curry powder. I always have blended paste of onion, garlic and ginger in the fridge so it was not a hassle at all. Then if you like daun bawang or daun sup, you can chop them finely and put in the fried minced meat. Add seasoning like black or white pepper and salt.

Take out the cooked meat. Put a bit of butter in the non stick pan, put the minced meat the size of the bread. Pour the egg which you must beat earlier. Put the bread on top of the egg. Wait till the egg turn brown and flip the bread.

Garnish your Roti John with any condiment you like. My favorite will be chili sauce and mayonaise. Add on vegetable like butterhead lettuce, thin slices of cucumber and tomato. Eat your bread hot.

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