On Homeschooling

We have decided to homeschool our son.

His doctor said we need to send him to school for socialization and human interaction.

Well, for now I don’t think 3 hours of preschool every day could do any good.

I went to Chinese kindy for 2 years, 6 years of government primary school and spent another 5 years in boarding school with 100++ people of my age and another 400 of seniors and juniors, then 4 years of University life and now at 34 years of age, I only have few people I could call as real friends.

If interaction and socialization is what he needs, we are going to provide it in different ways. I want him to know people who shares the same interest and value in life and if they happen to be friends later on, then it’s good for him.

For now he’ll go to playgroup once a week, and perhaps to music school on Sunday. He is after all only 4 1/2 years old. It’s a long way to go to reach maturity in human interaction, right?


  1. Well said! 🙂

    I know many mums who home school their kids and their kids socialize really well anyway. They make time and opportunities (group activities) for their kids often, so theres plenty of chances to socialize. Mainstream schooling is overrated.

    1. It’s hard not to have doubt in our decision when we are in the minority mindset 🙁 For now I just can’t wait for my son to start reading on his own. I’m sure he’ll learn a lot more compared to doing homework (if he were to go to mainstream school). On the socialization aspect, I guess it’s more towards his personality, if he’s the quiet and shy type not much can be done. What I feel is more important is to teach him good manners on how to interact with people.

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