On Walking To Playground

Yesterday we walked to the playground to practise throwing and catching ball as suggested by my son’s therapist.

It has been a while since we went out to the playground. Lately I was so busy with daily routine like cooking dinner and completing the craft orders that I neglected my son’s need to go out and play.

I am ashamed of myself as much as I am angry with the whole situation.

As my son hold my hand in his, I realized that this is my true purpose of being a mother, to nurture a soul.

I do the craft work, I sell them to customers, I get money and then I buy some more craft stuffs and then I do more craft to sell. The cycle never ends. I don’t even use the money to pay for bills or to buy food for us to eat. In reality, if I stop doing my craft work now, we can still live.

My son is more important than money to buy more craft materials. That’s what I learned from our walk to the playground.

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