Completing The Spoon Box – Decoupage Order

I am currently working on this MDF spoon box, ordered by a client. This is the first time I get to work with an item like this.

First I need to basecoat all the inside and the outside of the spoon box. I decided to use a darker green for the inside (the compartments where the spoons and forks will be put in). The outside is basecoated with lighter shade of green.

I used 2 different napkins to decoupage the outside of the box. The apple design suits the front part just nice. Another napkin with fruits motif was used for the right and left side of the box.

For the lid, the client requested for doa sebelum and selepas makan with the meaning in Malay. I used another napkin with strawberry design to decoupage the upper part of the lid.

I am almost done varnishing the box and hopefully I can settle this order by next week.

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