On Decorating The House

This is a topic which I have no expertise on..being married for almost a decade now but people always give me the remarks, rumah baru pindah ke? korang baru kawin ke? well..the truth is I am a practical person. As much as I love watching LI TV on Astro, watching how the interior designers and stylist do their magic, it just won’t happen in my own home.

I guess it’s like me teaching people to cook rendang by mentioning just the main ingredients without telling the exact measurement (because the truth is memang masak main campak-campak or the mat saleh term is by eyeballing the quantity based on experience)..haha..if you get what I mean..errr, anyhow..this rendang recipe is an old story, maybe later we’ll revisit.

I think the main problem with decorating the house is that I hate cleaning up. You see, all the tiny decoration pieces, those console table and whatnot need a good wipe every now and then. The only thing I have the energy to wipe at the moment is my son’s puke and poop (which he rarely does outside the diaper).

Hubby has a better solution with my problem. He said, yang..when the time comes and we have the massive budget to decorate our house, we just hire the ID, we both definitely are not born with such talent..betul betul betul..bagi chance la kan org lain pon nak cari makan..hahaha!

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