On Reading Fiction/Romance

After a few years of not reading constantly, I found out that I can finish reading a romance/fiction book at a rate of one book every night..yes, I used to stay up and read fiction when I was younger, never thought I could still do it at 33..huhu!

And then it struck me, that most of the romance writers are women. So whenever you read what the hero says in the book, it’s really what a woman wish to hear from the man in her life, not what a real man will say in reality..(err..do you get what I mean?)

One example of what the hero wrote in his letter in Lisa Kleypas’s Again The Magic:

“No miles of level desert, no jagged mountain heights, no sea of endless blue
Neither words nor tears, nor silent fears will keep me from coming back to you.”

How many men in real life could say such thing out loud, not even a poet or song writer says such romantic quotes to their wife, I bet!

Despite that I still love reading fiction and historical romance especially. For me, it’s like taking a little break from the daily routine, to be in another world, to smile and laugh, or in certain storyline to cry along with the characters. Words certainly have great power in touching human soul (mine at least).

The greatest satisfaction in reading romance or fiction is to enjoy the happy ending. No matter how hard the obstacles, they always have a great epilogue. Love is a great motivator in life, don’t you think so?

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