Inspiring Pinterest

Early this year, my husband told me about Pinterest. I was not really interested at first until recently I found a few boards that share inspiring quotes.

I used to collect and write down all these great quotes when I was a teenager. Back in those years when people still celebrate friend’s birthday, we used to buy Hallmark greeting cards. They have very lovely design and great wordings to reflect the occasion and how special a person is to you.

I feel that as we grow old and keep ourselves busy with daily life, we no longer pay attention to small details like that..anyway, here are some of the wonderful quotes I have saved.

May you have a great weekend ahead!


  1. i’m a pinterest addict, gotta admit! add me up.. err i dont know how to look for ppl on pinterest though. how? lol!

    1. to add ek? have to figure out..I saw people following me on pinterest, maybe they are already on my friend list or email contact..kot?

  2. entah la ye. hahahaha both pun blur je! err do add me up on fb or pinterest.. ninasuriaomar at yahoo dot com. 🙂

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