Active Alert Child Traits : Bright

I am reading the book Living With The Active Alert Child – Groundbreaking Strategies for Parents by Linda S. Budd, Ph.D.

Quoting what she wrote on page 65:

Teaching active alert children is a challenge. They do not fit the mold and thus may not necessarily fit within the school systems. You will need to choose carefully not only preschools but also elementary and high schools.

Be challenged by your bright child, but never forget to enjoy, accept and appreciate his gift – and never underestimate it. Your child learns by doing, moving and touching. Help your child understand that his movement is not just a distraction but a way in which he integrates new ideas. Appreciate that new ideas evolve through his movement and active manipulation of his environment.

Lastly, understand the way you learn as well as the way your child learns. Some people learn best by watching and seeing; they are visual learners. Auditory learners learn best by hearing or listening. Others are kinesthetic learners; they learn best by moving, touching and doing.

Your style may be similar to your child’s or it may be different. When learning styles differ, expect some conflict.

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