Morning Lark or Night Owl?

Time does fly after all in parenting world..haha!

When my son was a baby, the first year was like a terrible nightmare. The second was not a rosy journey either. Now in his third year, things are getting better.

By the end of this year he’ll be 4. So by right in 2013, he has to go to kindergarten because he’ll be 5 (if counting the age by school year). Sometimes I really regret giving birth in December. In toddler’s progress a few months makes a lot of different. Some skills are very hard to teach until he has reach a certain phase.

The first step that I have to change in order to prepare him for school is to make sure he can sleep early at night and wake up in the morning. Being a night owl myself, I find it really hard to change the sleep cycle, thus why I am still typing this entry at 4:50am..huhu!

I have found a preschool that starts at 1:30pm but I’m sure I don’t have much choice when it’s time for him to attend primary school. So even if we are not a morning lark by nature, we have to do something in order to go with the school schedule.

So far I have managed to persuade him to sleep by 1am for 2 consecutive nights including tonight. The first day, he woke up at 8am. I’m not sure about tomorrow. I hope I will have the energy to be up as early as him..huhu!


  1. I’m a night person too. Gibran went along with watever i wanted.. If i slept in, he’d sleep in too. He’s such a darling that way. Ilan on the other hand sometimes gets up as early as 5 am! I dont like it n hope it’ll imrove as he gets older!

  2. Babybooned..that’s tough having to entertain a baby at 5am..those are among the factors I dread to have another child..huhu..

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