The Gardening Mission Continues..

We went to IKEA on Saturday, or rather I was the one who went into IKEA while both father and son spent time in Starbucks.

I was hoping to get some gardening supplies like the colorful spray bottle and perhaps the galvanised plant container to be hanged at the gate. However those items are out of stock. I ended up buying two pots of plants – Dracaena and Calathea.

Remember my new year’s hobby on gardening roses? Somehow I have influenced SIL to start a rose garden on her balcony. Now every time we talked on the phone we will discuss the progress of our roses..haha!

I just hope I will find the container to be hanged at the gate so that I could grow more roses. The space where they can get ample direct sun light everyday is very limited with the current 28 pots of roses I have.

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