Father-Son Outing

My son is not so attached to me these days. In fact today, he didn’t ask for breast milk at all. On weekend if he realized that Abah is at home, once he opens his eyes he will go and look for Abah in the other room.

On weekdays, after checking out Abah in the room and realize that Abah is at work, he will keep on reminding himself that Abah will come back from work in the evening. Sometimes he will ask me to dial Abah’s number and he will listen to Abah’s voice…he won’t really talk on the phone.

When Abah reaches home, he will narrate what he has done for the day. He will tell what he has eaten, whether he disturbs Mama in the kitchen and Mama scolds him and then he will ask Abah for things like toys, M&M or whatever comes in his big mind to be bought at the nearest 7 Eleven.

The outing with Abah is his favorite. On Saturday, they went grocery shopping together. On Sunday, they went to Big Apple in Tesco to buy a dozen donuts and on the way home, passing by the nursery, he told Abah that they should stop and buy Mama bunga kertas since Mama likes bunga kertas…haha! (A few weeks ago we went there and I bought a pot of bougainvilla, so perhaps that’s what stuck in his memory that Mama likes bunga kertas..hehe..)

I hope they will have many more father-son outings as my son grows up. I really want them to be very close and have a great, strong and loving father and son bonding.

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