Decoupage On Key Holder

We didn’t go anywhere far during the last long weekend so I decided to finish what I have started with this MDF key holder. It was fine after I have decoupage and do some shading…and then I started to have this crazy idea to use the Jo Sonja Crackle Medium (which I have tried earlier but didn’t give the result I want).

The thing with crackle medium applied on top of a finish artwork, is that in order to show the cracks, you have to rub in a contrast color. I was so silly to use a walnut stain and rub too much on the surface apart from the cracks. Somehow it ruined the finished product. It makes the surface of the board looks dirty/rustic which is not what I have in mind when I started this experiment..huhu!

I tried to touch up with softer color to clean up the dirty look but it turned out worse. This was taken before the touch up. Well, next time I should know better than to mess up too much with all these art medium..heh!

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