The Year of Dragon

The last few days were really a bliss. Hubby was on long public holiday since Chinese New Year fell on Monday and Tuesday. The initial plan during the long hols was for me to learn how to drive our car. It has been 3 years now that I haven’t drive any car, never feel the need to do so, am not so fond of driving in the first place.

We didn’t do much to start the year of dragon.err, well, at least for me. Been doing groceries shopping, went to the zoo, managed to buy a new pot of pokok pandan and bunga melur to replace the dead one, went out for late lunch on days that I didn’t feel like cooking..oh, and cleaned up the craft room, at least 1/4 of it.

I did some craft work over the long weekend and shared them on FB. Here is one example, it is a decoupage box I finished over the weekend.

And these are the handmade bookmarks for those who buy craft books. I called them my thank-you-series bookmarks..heh!

So how do you start your year of dragon?

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