The Trip To Zoo Negara

Last year was the first time we brought dear Son to Zoo Negara in an attempt to introduce him to wild animals.

So this year, being a year older, he requested to see those animals like giraffe, elephant, hippo and so many others he saw on Ipod apps..err we don’t really have yak and jaguar in Malaysian zoo, my son..heh!

Finally we managed to make it to the zoo on Saturday. The crowd was not so many since most people went away from KL (it’s the long holiday for Chinese New Year)

We took the tram this time as per request by dear son. It costs RM3 per adult and RM2 for children above 2 years old. You can take the tram ride near the entrance A, stop at tiger/lion enclosure and take it back again to the front.

My son’s favourite animal..the hippo. When the driver of the tram called out the name of the animals as we take one round trip, he kept on asking for hippo. So after we stopped at the animal show, we walked to the hippo enclosure and saw one hippo enjoying his meal. Another 2 were having good soak in the water.

As we were walking to the savannah area, we passed by the giant tortoise.

The last time when we went to the zoo, we didn’t come to savannah area. I was glad that we took the tram ride because at least I have a clear idea on what kind of animals they have in the zoo. Here you can see many giraffes compared to the one near the entrance. They were walking freely from one end to the other of the savannah area. There was supposed to be zebra at the savannah, but we couldn’t see any.

We also checked out the ape centre. See the orang utan? I think he must be so broken hearted for not being able to go back home during this long holiday..haha!

Overall it was a much better experience going to the zoo this time. Dear son insisted on walking on his own most of the time. Only towards the end, he asked to be carried because he was so tired from all the running..hehe! He even refused to go and say good bye to the giraffes and elephants near the entrance. However he did say that he wants to come back again.

Till next year, good bye animals!


  1. zoo negara kita ok tak skarang? gibran and H have gone about a year ago but i didnt wana follow coz takut depressed tgk the condition tak maintain or something..

  2. standard malaysia la..not so bad tapi tak de la hebat giler condition..setakat memenuhi hajat anak nak tgk animals je la..maybe you can bring Gibran to Singapore Zoo..most people kata best banding Zoo Negara 🙂

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