November Rain 2011

It’s been a while since I last write something in general. For once I don’t feel like writing, I don’t know why.

November has been a fairly relaxing month for me, judging on how many books I managed to read. Check out my previous posts. Certain days I managed to read books every night after my son went to sleep, which I considered as ME-time…precious hours of solitude in immersed uninterrupted reading. On days like that I read until 7-8am and then went to sleep. Oh, my neighbor’s renovation is still in progress which somehow disrupt my otherwise peaceful sleeping hours..sigh!

And the evenings in November have been mostly soaked with heavy rain which made our plan to go to playground futile.

Just early this month, we made some good play dates with 2 cheerful Indian children who live in the neighborhood. I am certainly not racist. As long as the kids are well behaved I don’t care what are their races or religion. I tried to be friendly with people of my own race and religion but somehow they are not really interested to make friends.

Oh, I am currently busy preparing for my son’s birthday party in December. It’s kind of last minute decision to do the birthday party. He has been excited after attending other children’s party so we thought it’s about time we do a party for him. After all, it’s not every day a child turns 3, right..heh!

So, that’s basically what’s going on in my life in November. What about yours? How’s November 2011 treating you?

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