Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale

As expected being a book crazy person, I made it to the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale at South City Plaza. Hubby came back from work around 5pm but the journey to the mall took much longer than I expected due to traffic jammed..damn!

After a quick dinner cum late lunch at Old Town, I went into the sale, alone..hehe! By 8pm, the crowd was getting intense since it was after office hour..this is what happened when you are not a morning person (but was told that the morning queue was even hectic, some have to queue for 3 hours just to pay for their books.)

Nevertheless in less than 2 hours I managed to grab 14 books. Some I have to pick inside the box under the table. Somehow the selection inside the hidden boxes are much better compared to the one on the table.

I didn’t buy any non fiction book this time around as I couldn’t find any title I like. Even the children books were scattered and piled up crazily and I was too tired to browse through the title. After all we already bought too many children books during the last Big Bad Wolf sale in MAEPS.

I found one book by David Sedaris. The jacket cover is torn but I don’t really care since it’s a hardcover version. My niece mentioned his book before so I thought since it’s RM5, I should buy one and try to see whether I like his writing. Otherwise if I don’t feel like reading it, I can always sell it later to anyone interested to buy.

I saw this book – Hotel On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet during BBW sale but didn’t buy it. Since I found it again during the Aftermath Sale I decided to grab one. People at Goodreads gave good review about this book. But then again, we might never know until we read the book ourselves, right?

So that’s the update from me for the first round of Aftermath sale. I might be going again..should I? Shouldn’t I? errr…

For those interested to go and buy books (some might be torn, damaged, scratched) from RM5 and below, the sale will be on from 24th to 28 November 2011 at South City Plaza, Lot G-29 (20 Ground Floor), South City Plaza, Persiaran Serdang Perdana, Seri Kembangan.

Make sure you eat something first before you go in, OK..the place is small and can be very packed, so with empty stomach, there are chances that you might faint. Don’t tell me you are not being warned..hehe!

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