On Choices

Sometimes when I was out of patience and energy to wait for my son to fall asleep, I made promises. Like last weekend, I told him if he sleeps, we can go out and buy Hot Wheels.

So on Saturday we went out. Told him that he can choose Hot Wheels that he likes. So he did choose 2 and near the counter where we were supposed to pay there was a display of Cars 2 merchandise. So he looked here and there while Hubby went away to get something else (the reason why we went to the shopping complex in the first place).

Now he wanted to buy two Cars merchandise which costs RM35.90 each. So thinking that I know better since I’m the Mama, I told him why don’t we go and check out more choices in Toys R Us and see whether they have wider choices there. So I left the 2 Hot Wheels behind.

He checked out most of the Cars merchandise in Toys R Us but he was not interested to buy anything. In the end we chose for him a set of 7 Cars 2 character die casts which cost a lot more than what we initially planned to spend. But I thought he might enjoy it more, after all he’s all into Cars these days.

He kept on saying Hot Wheels as we walked to the parking lot. We thought he mistakenly thinks that all small cars or die casts as Hot Wheels. In the car, he kept on asking about Hot Wheels. Even when we reached home he kept on saying Hot Wheels.

Then it hit us that maybe what he really wants are those 2 Hot Wheels that he has carefully chose. Those two that will only cost us RM15 instead of RM200++ No wonder he was not interested to buy anything when I asked him to choose because in his mind, he thought I already paid for those 2 Hot Wheels.

Later that night when I have some time alone, I can’t help to think that here I am thinking since I’m the Mom, that I should know better and decide for my son what’s the best for him yet I want him to have his own opinion and make his own decision in life. I have been so caught up in my ego as a parent thinking that what I chose for him is what could bring him real happiness. I should have known better.

I hope I will not make the same mistake again. This time it might just be some toys, but later as he grows up, I don’t want my decision and my choice to be the cause of his unhappiness in life.


  1. abis kesimpulannye belikan ke tak hot wheels tu? Sebab I think i made the same mistake ni. Sebab they remember what we promised, I think coz you promise dpt hot wheels kan? hehhehe

    yeah, let them make their own decision, kite guide mana yg patut asal tak tersalah arah kan? 🙂

  2. The next day belikan tapi bukan kat shopping complex yg sama, so tak dpt la the exact models yg dia pilih..janji tetap janji 🙂

  3. well said. oftentimes we think we know best and our decisions are the right decision for them but thats not necessarily what they want, kan. i think all mums make this mistake. hopefully tak terbawak bawak into their adulthood! gotta be aware and remind ourselves to be conscious of our actions..

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