Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011

For those who are still in the dark about the massive and long awaited annual book sale ever, do check out their official website –

Now they even have twitter and facebook where they usually post weekly contests to get the media pass, which I always miss because the timing was never right for me..huhu! (err..even if I get to guess the price on time, I never get the amount right either..huhu!)

Anyway, the good part is Hubby already applied for his annual leave on the first day of the sale so that he can go buy the first batch of possible books that I might need and like to read. Emm..even if I don’t like the books, it will be good to hoard them, especially children books as our son already recognized alphabets. It will be very soon when he will be reading books like nobody business (if he takes after me..haha!)

This time the wolf said he will be bringing 1.5 million books for the sale. Note to self: I have to keep myself updated for the next 2 weeks on what are the latest best sellers or whatever literature award winning titles so that I know what to grab when I go to the Big Bad Wolf sale.

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