Going Against The Tide

I can’t help to notice that I am not like most people. I usually will go against the tide in almost all normal life situation. When we were newly married, friends and family seem to be wondering when we are going to have baby. I told them that I don’t intend to have one, and most of them were not happy to hear that.

Well, what is wrong with not wanting to have any child? It’s the same like people who want to have 4-5 kids yet they don’t really can afford to have that many. It’s a big life responsibility which need a mature mind and heart to handle. And I can’t help to notice that whenever people heard that it took us 5 years to have a child, they immediately think that we had to go a great trouble to conceive one. Or the remarks that most people said, about us being newly married since our son is only a toddler..haha!

And now whenever I told people who ever ask about us having another child about my intention of not having any other, I just can’t help to notice that most are shocked to hear that I am happy to just have one. Well, what is wrong with having one child? At times I have to sugar coat my words and say well, maybe in years to come I might consider to have another one just to clear up the air.

God!! Sometimes I just hate being me, sometimes I wish I can be like the majority of the people in this world who just go with the tide, follow the norms. The good side of having a child for me at the moment is that I no longer get the funny look when people heard that I have a degree but didn’t work full time like most educated career women these days do..sigh!


  1. hahaha i could so relate. we didnt want kids the first few years too and ppl were mostly shocked to hear that. and we didnt want anymore kids until gibran turned 2 and then we decided to try for another one, and ppl were so judgmental about that too. and dont get me started abt the remarks i get abt having a masters and not working. hehh. one thing i figured from all of this is that u can never make ppl happy enuf for u. theres always somethg to judge about, something ure doin wrong, not conforming enuf to society’s expectations. in the end, who’s living our lives? we are. so to he|| la what they say. i say we just do what makes us happy!

  2. Mai, sometimes being in the minority mindset group is so tough..rasa mcm sgt tak acceptable in the larger community..huhu..*mode tersisih..keh keh..

    babybooned, yes I’ve been telling myself that for years now..to hell with what others say, bukan kacau dorang pon kan..

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