Bunga Pahar Dip Lily Biru

What do you love the most in wedding? Since I was young, I always love wedding. I love to see the beautiful creations people make for such event – how they decorate bilik pengantin, what kind of bunga telur they have at the pelamin, how they create the hantaran, well things like that.

I think what I love most is not so much of the face value of such stuffs but more of the deeper meaning and symbolic of it. Like how people do their best to come together into the new phase of life, with hope and determination to bring the best, it’s like you respect the other family and would give your very best to ensure that your spouse will have the nicest possible things you could afford.

If the groom or bride has big family and each one of the aunts and cousins contribute to the wedding, be it with their energy or their capability to create something nice, it proves that in time to come, they will come to your aid if you ever need them. Personally I can vouch for this. Those relatives who have contribute so much to my wedding are the same people who have been around in time of my need.

Oh, the pictures above are bunga pahar dip lily in blue (some think it’s turqoise) I made for my niece’s wedding in 2008. It has been a while since I make bunga telur for people. Now that I have a toddler, I no longer have the capability to take custom made order for bunga pahar or bunga telur, but if you want to make a similar kind of bunga telur on your own for your special day, I can teach at a fee.

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