Bunga Dip For Hantaran/Bunga Telur

I noticed that many of the traffic that came to my blog searching about bunga telur and bunga dip for hantaran.

I no longer accept custom made order for bunga telur or hantaran. What I can afford to do for now is teaching people on how to make them for minimal fees. The class for bunga dip is usually conducted once a month for 3 hours. It is a basic class especially for people with no experience making all these bunga telur/bunga pahar and bunga dulang for hantaran.

The best part of making your own bunga dip for wedding or engagement is the selection of colors. If you go to shops selling bunga dip materials like Kedai Bunga Reben and Sayang You in Jalan TAR, you will be amazed to see the varieties of colors they have. I think some of the favorite wedding/engagement theme colors are pink, purple and blue. Lately people are more daring to go for black/red or black silver combination which I personally don’t fancy so much..huhu!

Anyway, if you have more budget, you can spend more on ribbons and other embellishments. Some of the classy ribbon can go up to RM25 per spool. The above two pictures are the examples of what the class participants managed to make during the 3-hour class.

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