Gardenia In The Garden

It’s been a while since I do any pictorial update on this blog..haha! Well, not to count all other entries selling the second hand toys and baby stuffs of course..I have been busy with my other blogs that need to be updated that I kind of lost my mojo to update homemakerdiary.

Anyway, for the past few days, the gardenia plant (aka cape jasmine) I have in my garden has been flowering. Malays call this as bunga cina. In fact it has bloomed the week before but I was not able to take any picture. And once it has bloomed fully the flower was not very picture-worthy.

Here is the picture of a half full bloomed gardenia or its scientific name Gardenia jasminoides, the best in its flowering phase, in my personal opinion. Usually it doesn’t last very long, maybe 2-3 days. It will turn yellow once it has bloomed fully and then wither.

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