The Trip To Zoo Negara

We have been planning to take our son to see real animals at Zoo Negara since last year. However due to his sleeping time, we couldn’t make it.

Somehow during the last CNY long weekend, he woke up early around 1pm and we quickly got ready to go to the zoo..phewww..we managed to reach Zoo Negara around 3pm.

With only 2 hours to spare before the closing time, we walked around the zoo to see elephants, giraffes, lions and tigers.

We were not able to see zebra since we were running out of time. The lack of direction inside the zoo plus the hot weather were among the reasons that made me pissed off..huhu! Not to mention that I have to carry my son most of the time..isk!

Even the queue to ride the tram was very long, of course the ticket was not included in the RM20 entrance fee per person (adult rate) we paid to enter the zoo, you have to pay another RM3 per person to ride the tram.

In the end, we decided to walk to get to those animals rather than wasting at least 30 minutes waiting for the tram ride.

It was a disappointing experience for me but I think our son did enjoy watching those animals which he has been reading in the books. I hope we will be able to visit Singapore Zoo soon.

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