Big Bad Wolf Sale November 2010

I went to the Big Bad Wolf sale on Saturday. Spend almost 3 hours there but only managed to buy these books..huhu!

I should have bought more, but I was so tired checking out all the titles. Plus I didn’t have lunch before we went to the sale. I was quite frustrated to see that most of the fiction titles that I was hoping to buy were already sold out.

Despite that I still managed to find some interesting books in crafts and parenting. I found many hobby related books that caught my attention like floral arrangement, gardening and polymer clay craft but I know I won’t have much time to try out especially on the craft techniques…so I decided not to buy them (which I still regret..huhu!)

For the last day, they will be having a FIRE sale with all books going from RM5 and below. I am hoping that hubby will go to the sale in the afternoon and bring back a lot more books. Just not sure what is still left, since most people will be going in the morning..huhu!

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