What Do Moms Do During Their ME-time?

For those moms out there, especially stay-at-home moms, what do you do during your ME-time?

Do you take a nap, read a book or watch TV?

Or do you spend the time doing nothing in particular? I wish I could do that but my mind could never go idle..huhu!

When Hubby gave me the chance to have some ME-time while we were out, I decided to browse through new books in the bookstore and later went to Secret Recipe for late lunch.

Sipping the watermelon drinks was such a bliss. You never know the value of ME-time until you get none for so long. I was a refreshed mom after that, heh!

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  1. best kan sesekali dpt ME-time? 😀 kalau kat luar, aku g window shopping kat kedai buku, or just jln2 cari idea. kalau kat rumah, depends on my mood. either tido, or reading, or bloghopping. nak g spa je yg xberjaya lagik :p

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