The Red Hibiscus

The picture above was taken while we walked to taman orkid last month. We didn’t go to Taman Bunga Raya as it was scorching hot and I was tired after walking in the bird park.

It’s funny to realize that eventhough this red hisbiscus is our bunga kebangsaan, I have been searching high and low but couldn’t find one at the recent Floria or local nursery.

They only sell the Hawaiian type, bunga raya berlapis as they called it, but not this single layer, 5 petals, humble bunga raya merah..huhu!

SIL said we should just pluck one ranting from the park, Hubby agreed as he said taman bunga raya is using duit rakyat to operate, means the money he pays to income tax every month. I disagree because I don’t want to grow pokok bunga haram in my garden..sigh!

Hopefully I will be able to find one to plant in the spirit of Independence Day this year.

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