Learning Crochet

Lately I have been catching up on few new things which I’ve never tried before – crafts that I am able to do with less material and less concentration. I have dabbled with tatting, and for the past few days with crochet.

Fortunately on certain days, our dear son is able to play on his own most of the time, provided I am around him. Thus I can’t do things like scrapbooking or card making since such crafts I have to use a lot of materials and have to pay more attention to details to complete those layouts.

With crochet or tatting, what I need is just a ball of yarn, a crochet needle or tatting shuttle and a small scissors. Of course the step by step I have to memorize because every time I on the PC to watch the video, it will distract my son from whatever he is doing and he will start whining and making fuss..huhu!

This is the picture of the first flower I made after learning the crochet technique on Youtube. I used the yarn I bought in Daiso for RM5 which initially meant for tatting. You won’t believe how expensive a ball of yarn could be. I was shocked to see some could be as expensive as RM70 per ball..huh!

To date I have made about 8 flowers like in the picture (of course with each newer one, I made remarkable improvement), but still for me are far from perfect. I still need to practise a lot..heh!

I intend to use all the crochet flowers I made as embellishment on my scrapbooking layout and cards later.


  1. hahaha..you are too kind..this is the first flower I crocheted so consider acceptable la, after this, if like 10-15 try pon still crooked here and there, means tak de bakat la tu..:(

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