Floria 2010 Putrajaya

I should have known better when we (or should I say I) decided to go to Floria 2010 during noon.

You won’t believe it the crowd in front of the entrance to the pavilion..it was not that many, but the door was closed and at 2 pm (Sunday), people were queuing up, scorching under the hot sun with kids on their shoulders..

So being me, the permaisuri lilin who couldn’t stand queue and what more waiting under the heat, we walked around in the bazaar hoping the next round we came back to the door, it will be opened again to public, but alas it was still packed. So we went home with incomplete feeling. Padahal hati dah tangkap a few type of plants to buy later.

Then after dear Son woke up from his evening nap, we decided to go there again. Gigih tak aku? This time the door to the pavilion was opened to public.

One of the best exhibition is this flora and fauna. Got a few more pictures yet to be edited. Terubat la hati mak..and I got myself a kenanga plant and booked a few more pokok bunga wangi from the only stall there which sells pokok bunga wangi…jeng jeng..

Hubby will be collecting those plants later after work tomorrow. Tercapai la cita-cita ku nak create a garden full of pokok bunga wangi like cempaka, sundal malam, akar dani, kesidang, kemuning, melur..Thanks so much Hubby, muahhh! Oh, hopefully there will be mayang sari as well. In fact that was the first time I heard the name (for a plant), googled about it just now. Jauh tau, dari Kuala Kangsar pokok-pokok tu di import..heh!

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s evening..nyeh nyeh nyeh! Err..I need more pots and soil.

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