Is Fat Not Sexy?

We came home after our weekend outing. The little one decided to poop, and Hubby was taking charge of cleaning him up and gave him evening bath.

While waiting for our son to come out from his bath tub, Hubby suddenly said something about Michael Scoffield of Prison Break (Wentworth Miller) getting fat. Of course at first I thought Hubby was trying to tease me with the latest entertainment news..but when I checked online..he is fat now..well, not like The Biggest Loser fat, but he won’t be able to escape from the prison with that kind of body shape, let alone be the handsome hero..hehe!

You don’t believe me? Ok, this is his picture when he was a trim and toned man.

And this is his latest picture snapped while he’s out taking a walk with a friend.

And then I found a few more videos that his fans made on Youtube about him being the sexiest man alive..I wonder what will they think about him now..oh, not to worry, the latest Resident Evil 4 coming out this September will be featuring the trim and toned Miller..if too bulgy then how to fight the zombies, right? hehe..

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