After trying about the same type of toy working bench at a friend’s house a few months ago, we found it in Toys R Us Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. I’ve seen one in ELC catalog but that one is like RM400++

Actually we were not sure whether to buy this working bench or a xylophone by Little Tikes. So Hubby asked me, do you want our son to be a musician or a handyman?

I really prefer handyman because it will save him a lot of money later in life. No need to pay for repairman or pay additional cost to install anything in the house, at least any minor leakage or not so severe broken appliances can be fixed immediately if he has the skills to do so.

In the end we still buy both, just to give him the opportunity to develop his many interests in life..heh!

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  1. haha… goyah tgk dedua la tuh! ilham punya lg advance! if dia tgk handy manny sure dia akan apply jugak sesama ngan manny n the tools tuh, hehe

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