Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

We went to Empire Shopping Gallery today because I want to check out the new outlet of Toys R Us.

For those who still don’t know, the outlet of Toys R Us in Subang Parade is no longer operating there, they have moved to Empire.

I kind of like Subang Parade because it is a family place. They have nice cosy places to eat like Dave’s Deli, Chicken Rice Shop, Nandos, just to name a few.

But Empire will have Italiannies and Chillis. Not sure whether they will have any other slightly cheapo eating places other than that two restaurants.

Oh, Empire will also have Fitness First Platinum. The membership monthly fee is RM215 which is RM30 more expensive than the normal passport fee. The good thing is for platinum member, you can access other non platinum Fitness First but those with normal membership can’t access Platinum branch.

Err..there’s one Fitness First at The Curve as well…so Hubby will have no excuse not to work out while both of us (the son and I ) go shopping and check out IKEA..heh!

I hope there’s more interesting shops opening soon in Empire, so far they don’t even have Mothercare, so I ended up buying Son’s BUDS products in Caring Pharmacy..even there, they don’t have all the range..will have to go and buy the Bum Balm soon..somehow I still prefer Subang Parade to do most of the necessary buying..isk!


  1. teringin nak join…tp jauh sgt smpi putrajaya. kalau ade class area shah alam atau subang bagitau eh…

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