Pinggan Lama, Kerang Rebus

The last weekend was not that good..I was tired after the craft class on Saturday so we didn’t go out anywhere.

On Sunday we went to Amcorp Mall to check the bargain at BookXcess. It turned out all the good books were taken. I ended up buying 3 books, 2 for the price of RM1 and another one for RM2.

But I got this pinggan lama corak bunga kangkung instead..hehe!

You can’t really consider it as pinggan antik because antique is something that aged 50 years and above (or is it 100 years?)

Well, I bought one pinggan lauk, one piring kuih, one sudu, one piring cawan and another one dessert plate with made in England design, all that for RM35.

So since I want to portray a kampung style cooking, I decided to make this kerang rebus. Will update about this dish in my cooking blog later.

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